Update! Fortnite is still stupid fun

See the video below for some Fortnite silliness. The catchphrase is now “Be a Gangster”. I apologize for being such a poor shot. But at least I didn’t plant the jump-pad in the building.

Chris not sober = Epic Fortnite Win

1 HP.  I’ll just leave this here, I know he’d want me to share. What a clutch win by Deja_Voo #Fortnite #Epic #PS4sharehttps://t.co/kKHUekbHsw pic.twitter.com/sbGUv4mSuX — Doochy D (@DoochyD) March 16, 2018

Fortnite is a Stupid Fun Time

Admittedly, I play a lot of Fortnite. Which is surprising, because this genre of game generally doesn’t interest me.  But you can’t beat free and the fact that Epic Games is its developer generally indicates at least competent gameplay.  It does have its critics who will say that there isn’t any tension similar to PUBG. …

The Good and sometimes Bad of Early Access and Kickstarter

As of this writing, the most successful Early Access game to date is Fortnite.  I have put hundreds of hours into a game, that quite honestly, I am not very good at.  But the allure of beating 99 other players is incredibly addicting and winning is quite the adrenaline rush even if it doesn’t happen…