Fornite Weekly! Potato Win and a lot of Stupidity

I have zero and I mean zero clue how I won this game.  Potato aim and ten kills.  I’ll take it. The new Fortnite dance is awesome.  If you listen carefully you’ll hear Chris call for his wife.  She’s a good sport. I recommend you add all the guys you see on Twitch or on…

Update! Fortnite is still stupid fun

See the video below for some Fortnite silliness. The catchphrase is now “Be a Gangster”. I apologize for being such a poor shot. But at least I didn’t plant the jump-pad in the building.

Chris not sober = Epic Fortnite Win

1 HP.  I’ll just leave this here, I know he’d want me to share. What a clutch win by Deja_Voo #Fortnite #Epic #PS4share — Doochy D (@DoochyD) March 16, 2018