Fall Guys – Battle for the Crown

If anything, the Battle Royale genre was in desperate need of a shake-up due to every title following the same formula.  Almost every title is a shooter in some shape or form and while some, like Spellbreak, have different mechanics, new entries into the genre were all starting to blend and look identical.

Enter Fall Guys.

What separates Fall Guys from other Battle Royales is that there are no guns, spells, and special abilities.  You’re a game show participant whose sole purpose is to survive to the next round.  There are 25 levels currently and each differ in their layout and objective.  Some will require traversing through obstacle courses and others will require you to work with others to eliminate the other beans…I mean teams.

As the numbers begin to dwindle down, you’ll eventually participate in a final round to crown the eventually winner.  Sometimes it can take five rounds to get to the end, but there are rare occasions where it can take two because one level in particular, Slimb Climb, can decimate the entire field.  I participated in a match where it went from 42 participants to 6.  Seeing Slimb Climb appear in the round queue is always exciting because players become incredibly aggressive knowing that failing at any point can cost you the game.

With the suprisingly high level count at launch, every match can be a new experience.  This forces the player to change up their tactics in to ensure survival.  Unfortunately or fortunately, this doesn’t apply to team games.  This is where Fall Guys can be a bit frustrating.  Imagine working your way through each round, slowly building confidence as you go, to only have everything crumble because your teammates can’t work together.  It sucks and while you are able to queue with friends, there is a limit to the party size and this leaves your team open to players who may be weak at cooperation.

This doesn’t mean the team levels themselves are bad, some are really fun, but having your success depend on others can lessen the enjoyment of the game overall.  Team games can be streak killers and with one achievement requiring five wins in a row, this can be really deflating when you can’t make the final round because of an incompetent team.  Besides this chief complaint however, Fall Guys is a title that has few flaws.

In fact, this may be one of the most charming and complete titles released in the past few years.  Your avatar is a bean who swings their arms wildly as they run.  When they happen to fall or stumble, you’ll hear them make a funny noise or yell and even in the most intense moments, its funny and lighthearted.  This a title that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it shows.  Far too many titles this generation have been gritty and grounded, practically suffocating the light when it presents itself.  Fall Guys on the other hand is bright and cheerful, even if the end goal is on survival. 

Fall Guys is one of the rare titles this generation that actually benefit from its beta.  It was a polished experienced from the start and even with the server issues, the game is a blast to pick up and play.  Calling Fall Guys a casual Battle Royale would be an apt description, but by no means does this indicate that this game requires no skill.  To consistently succeed, you’ll have to master each level and have a deep understanding of the games mechanics.  Luck does play a part in it, but skill will ensure you find yourself on top of the competition.

It will be fascinating to see Fall Guys grow because there are so many courses that can be added.  I would love to see more like Slime Climb, but honestly, whatever the developer chooses to add, I’m sure it will satisfy the growing community.  At this point, people just want to play more Fall Guys, whether you’re good, bad, or in between, its gameplay loop is addicting and satisfying. Its the perfect party game, primarily because you can revel in your friends failures. Hey, I never said I was a good person.

Play Fall Guys now on Steam or PS4. Its free if you have PS Plus, which is just awesome by itself.

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