Let’s Talk – Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

Make no mistake about it, Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best competitive fighting games on the market. But, upon release, there were a number of flaws that held it back from greatness: the net code wasn’t great (frame drops galore), you were somewhat restricted in terms of team-ups, snapbacks could be disastrous as there was little time to defend, and it was clear that the game really lacked balance and pace.

Season 3 addresses almost all of these issues. Lag is still an issue however, but honestly, that’s prevalent in all fighting games. Who knew that adding the ability to select assists would essentially turn this into an entirely new experience? Well, anyone who played the Marvel VS Capcom series, but that’s besides the point. By simply choosing your assist, you’ve opened the gameplay, allowing players the flexibility to create the teams they’ve always wanted.

Now this may end up with certain characters finding themselves shelved due to their limited move sets, but that is the price you pay when you optimize. Maybe the developers will take the feedback from this season to rework these characters. There are certain characters that desperately need to be adjusted to maximize their capabilities. On a side note, please change Cell back to the way he was, you shouldn’t mess with perfection.

One of the more notable additions is a comeback mechanic that only occurs on your final character.  Its minor, but if you happen to find yourself in dire straits, your last character will be given extra health when they enter, which will provide a sliver of hope.  Couple this with the existing sparking mechanic and the likelihood of a comeback is increased.  It’s still unlikely you’ll survive a 1v3, but you never know.

My favorite change and one that is greatly appreciated, is the delay you can initiate once a snapback occurs. This seems like a minor change, but a necessary one. It can be frustrating when one character gets knocked out after a lengthy combo, only for the next character to be served on a platter by an experienced player who has the timing down. By delaying the snapback, you’ll be able to temporarily throw off the rhythm of your opponent and quickly formulate your plan of attack.

All of the various changes and tweaks for Season 3 have created a far more balanced experience than in previous seasons.  It’s still not perfect as there are assists that can be exploited, but it is a better experience overall. If you happened to shelve the game because of the lack of adjustments as I did, then now is the perfect time to jump back in.  A new tutorial area, the dojo, has been added to help players get comfortable with all of the new additions. It may have taken two years, but this is a huge leap forward for the series.

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