Dreams – A Gateway for Future Creators

I had the opportunity to get my hands on Dreams during its initial early access period and came away incredibly impressed with what Media Molecule had created.

This is the title that will act as a gateway for new game developers and creators.

That’s a fairly heavy statement to make about any game, but when it comes to Dreams, it is 100% accurate. Media Molecule has specialized in this genre for a long time with the Little Big Planet series being their most well known franchise. But, if we’re being honest, LBP had limitations in regards to what you could create. With Dreams, it feels as if nothing is out of the question.

Players will have a wealth of tools at their disposal that will allow them to dive deep into their creative processes. I recommend that you take the time to review their tutorials as they will be greatly beneficial to your time in dreams. While the motion controls can feel a bit difficult to use, this really feels like it would be perfect on PC, once you get over the awkward interface, the world of Dreams is yours to conquer.

There are so many assets that can be utilized to create scenes, sculptures, and elements that it may feel overwhelming. I found myself removing certain assets and replacing them with others to better fill out my scene. Its refreshing to have a title in which the only boundaries are the ones you create for yourself. Dreams implores exploration and luckily you will find inspiration through the creations of others.

If you don’t feel like creating, take the time to explore other people’s creations. Media Molecule has a full length game in Art’s Dream that is a showcase of what you can create. It’s new to the full release of the game and it is fantastic. I believe that as the game finds it’s way to more and more hands, there are going to be some truly jaw dropping creations. You will always be surprised about how creative others are with the tools found in Dreams and the community is better off for it.

By surfing through other creations, you’ll be able to comment, favorite, and follow other creators to keep track of what they do in the future. Follow them for future inspiration, take some of those ideas and apply it to your future work. Once you start creating, it can be incredibly difficult to stop. Dreams is addictive with all of its subtle nuances and was well worth the long wait.

While there will be a number of titles vying for game of the year and game of the generation, Dreams might end up as the most important title among them all. It will act as an entry point for those interested in game development, but never believed they had the skill or the creativity. Dreams will make you a believe and for that, I recommend everyone giving this a chance.