Opinion – Sony Acquiring Insomniac is Big News for the Next-Generation


Arguably the biggest news that came out of the first night of Gamescom was Sony announcing that they had acquired Insomniac Games. This is big news as not only does it give Sony another AAA studio to work with, but the possibility that older beloved franchises like Resistance will be revived or remastered.

Even though Sony has easily outpaced its competitors this generation, there is always the possibility that the market may shift in the future. Staying stagnant could open up opportunities for Microsoft and Nintendo to make a strong push for the crown. Acquiring an acclaimed studio in Insomniac sends a strong message that Sony will remain competitive even with a sizable lead.

For the consumer, this means that the possibility of beloved and underrated franchises like Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Sunset Overdrive, and Spider-Man will be exclusive to Sony. These are all high quality franchises with Sunset Overdrive and Resistance being two that fans would love to see continued.

Insomniac Games has an established history and successful track record when it comes to collaborating with Sony. This was a move that made sense on both sides as the familiarity will make it easier when it comes to game development. The recent success of Spider-Man for example, would be more than enough for Sony to strongly consider the acquisition.

If the next Playstation console does release in 2020, having another AAA studio reinforces the companies focus for the next-generation. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that Sony has all of their major studios working on titles for the next-generation. With Death Stranding releasing this year, that would leave Sony with two known exclusives the Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima to carry them into the next-generation.

Having Insomniac will open up more possibilities and the acquisition may be the first of many to ensure that they remain competitive in the next-generation. It will be interesting to see what studios Sony acquires next, because doing so will net more exclusives and this will create quite the competitive atmosphere that the fans can benefit from.

What happens next remains to be seen but it’s almost guaranteed that by the end of 2020, Sony will have laid out their plans for the next-generation. There will be new exclusives to get excited for and if Microsoft and Nintendo continue to be aggressive, the competition is going to be fierce. This, of course, will be beneficial to the consumer because of all the high-quality titles that could come of it.

This news came just in time too as Sony has been quiet since its last State of Play, which took place in May. While its understandable that there might not be anything new to announce, it isn’t wise to stay silent while your competitors continue to make waves. Acquiring Insomniac games is a bombshell and is quite possibly the opening salvo for what’s to come.

Things are heating up and everyone should be excited.

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