Super Mario Maker 2 – Chaotic Creativity


Super Mario Maker 2 is charming, accessible, and unsurprisingly addicting. It can also be incredibly chaotic as it allows the player to craft levels however they want as long as the mechanics fall in line. There are almost no limitations in regards to what you can and can’t create. With its release one thing is for sure, the year of Nintendo is upon us and Super Mario Maker 2 is a must-own for fans of the franchise.

If you happen to be new to the world of Super Mario Maker and let’s face it, the Wii U didn’t compete upon release, then you’re in luck, there are in-depth tutorials that will breakdown the building mechanics of each world . There are five in total, from the OG Super Mario Bros all the way to the recent 3D world. The different tutorials do an excellent job of giving the player time to work with all the available tools so that when you begin creating, you’ll be more than prepared for the challenge.

For those not feeling particularly comfortable or interested in the course creator, you’ll have the option to either play the story mode or try out other creator’s courses. The story mode will give you a taste of how crazy and creative some levels can be. Players will be eased into the world of Mario Maker and as you progress, levels will become more and more challenging. There are a number of hidden secrets that reward the players with cosmetic items as well as new mechanics not featured in any of the established games.

Everything that you see in the story mode can be applied to the course creator. From the main menu, you’re given the opportunity to play the different courses created by your peers. Make sure however, that you actually take the time to review the course before jumping in, as it will give you an idea about the course’s difficulty. Some creators will give helpful hints as to what to expect so you won’t be thrown into an uncomfortable situation right from the start.

One of the biggest additions to Super Mario Maker 2 is the addition of multiplayer. You can either engage in co-op or competitive and these can both be a lot of fun and incredibly frustrating. Most multiplayer races can devolve into absolute troll fests with players working diligently to frustrate the competition. The only real downfall to the multiplayer is the lag, which can turn a match into a stuttering mess. Be warned as this is frequent and I have yet to experience a match where lag didn’t occur.

Now, if you dont feel like manually searching through the different courses, because there are so many, Mario Maker 2 has you covered with an endless course mode. There are four difficulty mode and no filter in regards to the levels you’ll play. So, while there are a lot of great levels to try out, there are an equal amount of below average levels with low clear rates due to the creators likely intent on trolling.

Luckily, there is an option to skip levels and suffer no consequences. While this can be seen as a cop out, especially considering that this does have leaderboards tracking, there are some levels that are strictly there to frustrate the player so you might exhaust all your lives in one go. This is particularly evident in the expert and super expert levels as death can be frequent. There are just far too many levels that don’t do a good job of being accessible and that can really ruin the fun.

Nintendo has a pretty remarkable track record when it comes to the quality of their first-party titles. Super Mario Maker 2 is a title that allows players the freedom to craft the Mario levels they’ve always dreamed of. While the overall quality will rely on player creativity, this game will be around for a long time. The community has already created some incredibly inventive maps, so as you progress in your understanding of the different mechanics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the challenges that you complete.

Super Mario Maker 2 wants you to embrace your inner creator, even if that individual is a sociopath who wants to torture other players with frame perfect jumps. Be as generous or evil as you want, which so happens to be a weird thing to say when describing a Mario title, but it also so happens to be an apt description when it comes to this creative platformer.

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