Russell Wilson – A Loss of Monumental Proportions


One of the most under appreciated quarterbacks in the NFL, Russell Wilson and his representatives have given a deadline, set for April 15th, to negotiate for a new contract. If the deadline happens to pass and no deal has been agreed upon, then the Seahawks may find themselves looking to deal Wilson.This would be a monumental mistake.Quarterback is easily the most important position in the NFL. Finding a competent individual to man the position is difficult and the Seahawks have one of the best in the league. Losing Wilson would set the franchise back for years and there is no guarantee that any QB in this draft or any upcoming draft will boost the offense in a manner that he has.Wilson has the intangibles, skill, and physical abilities to make what should be an average offense look dangerous. There are a number of instances where a play would breakdown because of poor offensive line play and he would still make a spectacular play. Not many QB’s would have survived the anemic play of the Seahawks offensive line and even though they improved last season, Wilson still found himself making play after play to give the team a chance to win.Every team without a franchise QB is going to come calling the Seahawks in regards to his availability. There are going to be godfather offers that will seem exorbitant, but his production on the field and lack of issues off will make it easy for GM’s to throw their hat into the discussion. I expect the Giants to be the biggest bidder, especially considering that Eli Manning is far past his prime and bringing in Wilson would make them a threat in the NFC East.The Seahawks would have to heavily weigh every available option moving forward. Draft assets are nice, but the Seahawks would probably prefer a package that revolves around an elite talent with draft compensation. Don’t be surprised if the team decides to franchise tag Wilson for the next two seasons if they are unable to find a package that suits them.How the Seahawks put themselves in a position to lose their franchise player seems untenable. This should have been a no-brainer, there are far too many examples of teams without franchise QB’s that the Seahawks should have wrapped him up immediately. Wilson is in his prime and seeing how the shelf life of a QB is practically undefined with new rules protecting the position, he will be effective for years.Regardless of the Seahawks future plans, competing in the NFC West will become non-existent without a franchise QB. Somehow, Russell Wilson has made this team competitive even without the benefit of consistent offensive pieces. Without him, the Seahawks find themselves in one of the most unenviable positions in the NFL.Even in an offseason that saw two of the best wide-receivers in the league traded, this might be the most intriguing story in the NFL, especially if Wilson is ultimately traded. Franchise QB’s are a rare commodity and are generally catered too. There might be something brewing under the surface, but one thing is for certain, the Seahawks are on the clock.

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