Recommending Love, Death & Robots


Featuring a varied and fantastic visual style, Love, Death & Robots is worth a viewing. But be warned, this is an incredibly graphic and at times gratuitous anthology series that is filled to the brim with violence and nudity. There are 18 episodes in all and each tell their own narrative so you don’t necessarily have to watch the series in order.

With that being said, here are the standout episodes that make the series worth watching:

Sonnie’s Edge

Ever wanted to see an underground fight between remote-controlled monsters? This is an amazing introduction to the series with some shocking violence and an excellent twist. What a way to kick off the season.

Three Robots

One of the funniest episodes of the series follows three robots as they tour an abandoned city. Humanity is long since gone and these three try to make sense of their day-to-day lives. Their foul-mouthed and misinformed as they continuously guess incorrectly about the actions of humanity. These three need their own series. Plus, cats.


Think Starcraft but instead of Space Marines, you have farmers hell bent on preserving their livelihood. The beginning of this episode will throw you for a loop and will keep you enthralled with its action. It’s also crazy with how calm they seem to react while under heavy durress.

Good Hunting

A steampunk fantasy that might be the most subdued in regards to its depiction of violence and nudity, Good Hunting is fantastic viewing. Brilliant animation coupled with one of the series best narratives, this episode revolves around two characters going from foe to friends due to their vastly different upbringings.


Centering around two friends with supernatural abilities, Shape-Shifters is a thrilling episode with jaw-dropping action and phenomenal CG. It’s well-paced and features probably one of the most brutal fights I’ve seen in animation. This deserves a re-watch based off the action alone.

Zima Blue

A well-known artist whose work has become grander overtime, gives his first interview in over 100 years. This is an episode that centers on the lengths one will go to find personal meaning. Easily the series most uplifting story, it’s great for those who wants a break from the bloodshed.

Secret War

Love, Death & Robots ends its first season with a bang. A squad of Russian soldiers are ordered to hunt the undead and while it goes the way you imagine it would, there are a few impactful moments that give weight to the decisions made by the soldiers.

These standout episodes aside, this is an anthology series that deserves attention. The gratuitous nature featured in some of the episodes can take away from the storytelling as it will feel like there’s more of an emphasis on the sex and violence than the substance of the plot. Luckily, there are more than enough episodes that space out these instances which just so happen to result in the series best episodes.

Love, Death & Robot is a unique entry for Netflix as it is unlike anything in their library. Each animation stands on their own and some make a case that they could be their own series. While not every episode is a hit, some are far too juvenile for their own good, there is enough substance to merit multiple viewings. If anything, this is a fun experiment that hopefully gets picked up for a second season.

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