Apex Legends – More Tips from your Average Gamer


Apex is great isn’t it? Even if the hit boxes are a bit off and some ultimates are more useful than others, but no game is perfect. If you’re still struggling with being an Apex Champion, fret not, here are some more tips that will help you get there. Of course you’ll have a better chance as a squad than with randoms, but at least the ping system is useful.

Reviving teammates when surrounded is a sure way to get killed

This one is simple, if you’re still in a gunfight, make sure that you’re in a defensible area. Sitting out in the open is a sure way to get eliminated. If you happen to fend them off for a moment, just know that they’re regrouping so reviving a teammate might end poorly.

Be wary of the highground

Even after eliminating the two enemies with Bloodhounds ability, I failed to notice the player above me. Luckily, that person wasn’t a good shot, so I threw an Ark star to knock them off their perch and get the squad elimination.

Resurrect your teammates at your own peril

The moment anyone hears a dropship, that’s easy pickings because they know that whoever is being resurrected won’t have any armor or weapons. Sometimes it’s best to wait than to risk getting eliminated, try to not to resurrect when the ring is closing, enemy teams might be heading your way to pad their stats.

Happen to be out of Ammo? Melee.

This one’s simple if you happen to rip through an enemies shield and you know that they’re one or two shots, finish them off with a melee attack. If you’re lucky you’ll get the kill and if not, follow through and that bring an end to all that unnecessary struggling.

Do not stay still

Poor positioning can lead to some frustrating losses. This team had the advantage based off their position and instead of chasing or cutting us off, they stayed still and was pretty easily wiped. In these situations, it’s best to stay aggressive and keep moving, they could have better positioned themselves for a firefight. Instead it was over quickly.

Distract and flank

If you take a team by surprise, work to pin them to a specific point and then you or your squad can flank them. While sliding looks really cool and dramatic, it makes you an easy target to someone entering a room. Good effort though.

Whoever gets the better weapon first wins

Hot drops can be a mixed bag, what it boils down too is that the person with the better weapon generally wins. A Wingman can down a person in one or two shots and the Eva-8 or Peacekeeper will do the same. If you happen to get a mozambique, run, unless you can catch an enemy from the rear. Remember to aim as it can do a lot of damage if all three slugs hit.

Don’t run in a straight line with Wraith

Self-explanatory, you are only invisible for a few moments and there is a trail telegraphs where you’re going. You run in a straight line during a gun fight and you’re gravely injured? That’s easy pickings.

You can’t run from Bloodhound

Once Bloodhounds ultimate is activated, it’s hard to escape. Footsteps are visible and smoke does nothing to deter Bloodhound. It can be pretty OP at times. Now, you could use a teammate as bait to set up an ambush, but smarter players will use this ability during a firefight to get around the team.

If it’s down to three and two squads are fighting, push.

Playing patient is a good strategy to get you in the top 3. If you happen to get lucky. you’ll catch two teams in a firefight, when that happens, push, most players are looking to loot so that they can reinforce their gear. This is the perfect time to stage an assault and it could lead to an easy victory.

Be a generous teammate

If you’re friend happens to be aggressive, let them finish what you started. You’ve earned a rest.

Ride the Wave

Battle Royales tend to be stressful, blow off some steam by sacrificing your squad at the beginning of the match. They probably deserved it.

If you keep at it, wins will eventually come more consistently. Even though it seems hopeless when playing with randoms, you never know, they might be competent and actually use the ping system. That’s what it’s there for.

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