Apex Legends – Tips from your Average Player

If you haven’t already, go ahead and download Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale game, set in the Titanfall Universe that emphasizes squad play and fast-paced gameplay. The best part about it? How about an in-depth pinging system in which you’re able to non-verbally communicate with teammates efficiently which could possibly lead to some unexpected wins? So if you’re feeling especially introverted, you dont have to say a damn word to anyone, just ping away, the game emphasizes this feature even if you have a headset.

Winning in any battle royale can be hard and in Apex Legends, it can be downright grating as you rely on your squad mates to make the right decision. Here are few tips that will help you rack up the wins…eventually.

Embrace the High Ground

Apex is a game in which you can scale damn near anything. Being above the enemy will allow you to easily pick them off. Especially when distracted. Also, LMG is bae.

Know your Specialist

Simple enough, right? If you don’t know the limitations of your specialist then you’re probably doomed when trying to make a hasty retreat.

There is always someone trailing behind

If you engage in one on one combat and a death box doesnt immediately appear, that should be a giveaway that someone is nearby. Don’t stand next to a downed ally, it just ends badly.

Escape can be difficult

Due to this being squad based, it can be really difficult to escape an enemy team. Always try to go the opposite direction from where your teammates fell, may end up the difference between getting shot out of mid air. Also, never let your teammate engage an enemy alone and always make sure to finish what they started.

Bloodhound should be integral to every squad

Bloodhound can track nearby enemies and their Ultimate allows you to easily identify enemy locations, all of it’s in red afterall, and you get a prettyrnifty speed boost. Perfect for getting the drop on enemies.

Lifeline’s shield saves Lives

When in a sticky situation, let Lifeline resurrect your allies, her passive abilities creates a shield that will protect you and your downed teammate from danger. That cover can then be used by another teammate to continue to lay down suppressive fire.

Mirage can make things stressful down the stretch

If you have him unlocked, Mirage can throw clones out to bamboozle the opposition. While its usefulness can be debated, when it comes to clutch situations, it can cause just enough of a distraction to win the round.

Know when to Rush

If the enemy is in a fortified position, being patient is the best option. Have one teammate draw fire and then the other can move up slowly. The end of most matches usually come down to a battle of inches. When the opportunity presents itself, rush in and take the victory.

Sometimes your teammates can be used as Bait

Two on three can be tricky. But… sometimes people get impatient and bottleneck themselves. If a teammate rushes, go behind to take out any remaining attackers and then overwhelm the last two enemies. Success is about 50/50.

Don’t be surprised when everyone uses the same strategy

Battle Royales and squad-based multi- players aren’t new, so don’t be surprised when everyone thinks alike. Pull the trigger quickly and move away from that area. Ultimates used by Bangalore and Gibraltar are perfect for laying down cover.

Know your Gear

All gear in Apex Legends is color coded. Yellow or Orange depending on who you are, is legendary and will have special abilities. The shield, for example, will allow you to self-ressurect, which as you can see is really useful, when I finally realized it.

When you are down, you’re still useful

No matter how skilled you are in Apex Legends, you may find yourself getting downed. This does not mean you can’t be useful to your team. Ping where the enemy is and make sure to call out their location if you can. It can be the difference between winning and losing.

Now there’s obviously other things that matter, especially when it comes to your loadout, respawning, and the importance of where you drop. Get comfortable with a multitude of weapons, it will save you in a pinch. If you get killed, don’t leave the game as your teammates can resurrect you at a respawn beacon. A full squad makes the end game a whole lot easier as it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Where you drop at the beginning is a factor in the duration of your match. Dropping into a hot zone may yield better loot, but if someone gets there quicker than you, its game over.

Good luck out there.

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