Nintendo Direct – Blazing a path past E3

E3 was once the biggest event in the gaming industry. If you wanted information on the newest title or news, E3 was the go-to for all of your gaming curiosity. But as the years have passed and social media has become more prevalent in information gathering, trade shows such as E3, have really served their purpose. Nintendo, whose presence at the previous E3’s has been minimal, has laid a path that all publishers should follow. Connecting to your base through social media is simple, accessible, and it’s honestly easier to set up a time to announce titles via streaming as that footage can be replayed through a number of platforms.

Nintendo Direct is the perfect means of communicating news between Nintendo and its consumer. Fans are getting release dates, demos, up to date information, without all of the fluff of a trade show. In short, Nintendo is aiming for instant gratification as they know their audience. Fans want to be taken by surprise and the sheer amount of information provided was honestly impressive. Was it everything fans wanted? Possibly not, you can’t satisfy everyone, but this means of communications can be easily reproduced. There might be another Nintendo Direct during E3 or later in the year, prepping the consumer for what’s coming next year.

Sony has already pulled out of this year’s E-3 and will more than likely only appear if a major announcement, such as a console release, requires their presence. They are active on social media, constantly providing updates on new releases and giving fans a constant stream of information. While trade shows can really pump up an audience due to the flashy presentation, they can also have a negative impact if what’s presented isn’t interesting to the consumer. Check out social media the instant something bombs at E3 or any trade show, it isn’t pretty, consumers are quick to disparage and have no bones about picking apart a questionable announcement or trailer.

(Credit to Nintendo)

Social Media is an invaluable tool as it’s flexible and easily accessible. While it has its pitfalls, it can be pretty toxic depending on the subject, as an information tool, you can’t do much better. Nintendo has done an admirable job, almost every year since introducing Nintendo Direct, their presentations have been more cohesive and provide some nice surprises for fans. I’ve always felt that in terms of their first-party support, there is no better publisher. Nintendo always takes care of their own and are willing to go way out of their way to please their fans.

Will these direct presentations eventually remove trade shows? Possibly, although it’s cost effective to present work in-house than it would be to produce these grand stages that you share with other publishers. There’s no competition in direct presentations, so therefore the pressure to upstage anyone doesn’t exist. It allows you to talk directly to your fan base and acts as a form of transparency that is instantly appreciated. All of the information presented can be broken down in parts and then disemminated. So the fans win, because they can see what they want when they want.

Direct presentations are all catered for the consumer, showing off one or two big projects won’t do much in the way of satisfying a fan base. Instead, why not present everything you have upcoming for the first half of the year and then surprise your fans with another presentation detailing all new information. There are no limitations when it comes to this method of communication and the flexbility is benficial for both fans and the company.

Nintendo, who can seemingly do no wrong, has once again carved a path for the gaming industry to follow. This isn’t just the major console publishers, but is something that any studio can do to further connect with their fans. Pushing for transparency is a requirement in the information age as it creates a bridge between the consumer and the company. Nintendo is well aware that to remain relevant, they will have to continue to bridge the information gap and the easiest way to do so is by these direct presentations. Its the best possible path forward and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Nintendo is leading the way.

(Credit to Nintendo)

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