Resident Evil 2 could be the benchmark for all remakes to follow

(Credit to Playstation)

On January 25, the hotly-anticipated remake for Resident Evil 2 will drop and if the previews are any indication, this will be the standard for all remakes and remasters. Updated visuals are one thing, a number of remakes being released are given a new coat of paint and everything else is left unchanged. This is isn’t necessarily a problem, but when a 20 to 30 year old game gets remade for the umpteenth time, the gameplay almost never holds up.

Which is why the remake for Resident Evil 2 looks to be a massive push forward for the retro market. Not only are its visuals updated, but almost every aspect has been remastered to make the game feel more modern. Gone are the tank controls, which if we’re being honest had their charm, but were incredibly frustrating when it came to close quarters encounters. In its place is an over-the-shoulder camera that will allow the player to take precision shots to incapacitate the various enemy types littering the game. There will be defensive weapons like the ones found in the Resident Evil remake, so if you find yourself in a bind you can use these items to make a quick getaway.

Enemies have also been updated, the first thing you’ll notice is that there is realistic damage modeling to allow players the freedom of not wasting ammo to completely kill an enemy. If you want to rip an enemies legs off to make them into crawlers, that may be the smarter move than trying to go for headshots. Special enemies, like the iconic Licker have been updated to where the player can move around them safely as long as they do not make too much noise. This update to their AI is primarily due to their design as the Licker has no visible eyes.

While areas in the game will remain similar to those found in the original release, nothing is the same. So those players hoping to breeze through the game based off memory, will find that the enemy placement and layout have completely changed. Most remakes can’t justify their hefty price tag, Resident Evil 2 however, has made so many alterations that its practically a new entry. The only thing really familiar about this title will be the narrative and characters. Gameplay will be fresh and it looks to be more about survival horror than straight up action. The addition of being able to reinforce barricades to help prevent the reentry of enemies adds a strategic element not found in the original.

(Credit to Playstation)

A 30 minute “one-shot” demo will be dropping on January 11 to give players a glimpse of what’s to come. Players will have just enough time to make it through a small section of the game or you can explore and discover until time runs out. If Resident Evil 2 is successful, which due to this entries popularity, it should be, this could open the door to a full-on series remake of other entries.

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