Defining a Classic: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a classic, plain and simple.

Since its release in 2012, I have revisited the game every year due to its incredible writing and addictive looting. The main campaign, which is both brilliant and hilarious, will take around 20 hours to beat. The amount of post-game content is staggering and players can find themselves putting in hundreds of hours into the game after the credits have rolled. Every aspect of this game is an improvement over the original. More loot, more carnage, this is the practically the definition of excess and its fantastic. Playable characters have far more personality than those from the original and to put it bluntly, I’m fairly certain all of them are insane. Borderlands 2 also happens to feature a classic gaming villain in Handsome Jack. Is he a douche? Yes, but he is hilarious and memorable because of all the actions that take place during the game.

Questing in Borderlands 2 is a joy, from renaming the fauna (bonerfarts), to shooting an enemy in the face (literally), this game refuses to take itself seriously and it shows. There is surprisingly diversity to the quests featured in Borderlands 2 as some require you to do nothing other than listen to a muscular granny tell a story while another requires you to attend a birthday party that no one attends but you. You’ll hunt enemies resembling Nina Turtles, sacrifice an enemy for no other reason than to appease an idiotic cult, the list goes on and honestly, you’ll need to experience it yourself. My favorite quests are any that involve Mr. Torque, the dude looks like Randy Savage and loves explosions. He does not speak…he yells and is generally awesome.

One of my favorite features of Borderlands 2 is its legendary boss fights. Depending on the difficulty, the fight will be a breeze or it will be a challenging, lengthy fight that will take all the ammo you have to win. Bosses can range from human characters to larger enemies that take up a large chunk of the screen. In the legendary fights, it’s never as simple as a one on one battle, there are waves of enemies that take up the screen. It requires the player to utilize everything in their arsenal to survive. Throw out your special techniques often; I used Axton as my main, as his laser guided turrets can lay waste to the smaller enemies. Because I stuck to a specific skill tree, his turrets could stick on walls so that it made it difficult for enemies to damage them. Certain weapon buffs will also come in handy as these can cause more damage to enemies. Slag covers the enemy in a purple substance that allows the player to do more damage. This technique comes in real handy because you will do damage in the high thousands and yet, you will barely scratch these legendary bosses.

To this day, I have never played a game as addicting like Borderlands 2. Looting is nothing new, but it’s rarely done in FPS games. Legendary loot drops are random and the best weapons and gear in the game are earned by farming. Legendary weapons are particularly desirable because of the advantages they can give you in combat. There is always a reason to farm a certain area or complete objectives. After I got my first legendary gun, I was literally farming multiple areas to see if I could get my hands on another one. It’s quite addicting and I may have had a problem at the time, but I’m better now. I think. My suggestion for everyone is to be on the lookout for the Bane. This weapon is well worth the grind and it may just be the best weapon in the game. No explanation needed.

While this game has a great sense of humor and this acts as one of its biggest draws, it really shines in its dramatic moments. There are times where I was caught off-guard by the heart of Borderlands 2. Certain NPC’s have quests that will provide justification behind their motivations. Tiny Tina, who quite frankly is one of the more annoying characters in the game, is given her own DLC in Assault on Dragons Keep and the fantasy world that is created in this add-on is her way of coping with loss. It’s effective, heartfelt and adds depth to a prominent secondary character. Borderlands 2 is littered with these dramatic moments and they are a welcome change of pace as it reminds players that there are real consequences from the actions that take place on Pandora.

Borderlands 2 is not a hard game to talk about. I could write pages praising this game for all the things it does right, but why do that, when you can purchase the game right now and play it. Seriously, the game is available via the Handsome Collection, which lets you play not only Borderlands 2 but the Pre-Sequel, which while not as great as Borderlands 2 is still pretty fun.

The real question is WHERE IS BORDERLANDS 3?

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