Sony Crossplay Approved – The way multiplayer was meant to be experienced

Fortnite was the cause. What a time to be alive.

In one tweet, Sony officially announced an open beta that will allow crossplatform play for Fortnite. This is a monumental decision in gaming that will hopefully open the door for all multiplatform games to support crossplay on Playstation consoles. The gaming community spoke and surprisingly Sony listened. If we are speaking candidly, this is the way it should have always been. There should be no borders when it came to multiplatform titles. Exclusives, whether its additional content or the game itself, should be what separates your product from the competition.

The unnecessary self-promotion by Sony led to speculation that the gaming giant wouldn’t take the criticsm seriously. But in a surprising turn of events, we are on the precipice of being more connected than ever. Fortnite is currently hottest multiplayer title on the market and if Sony is satisfied with the results of the open beta, it’s almost guaranteed that other titles will follow suit. Competitive multiplayer titles have been hindered for years due the inane posturing by the console publishers. Crossplay should help promote growth within those individual communities.

While there is no timetable on Sony’s decision, they are expected to take a wait and see approach with regards to how the open beta will play out, this will provide hope to upcoming multiplayer titles. Fallout 76, Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, and Red Dead Online are a few of the titles that will be positively effected by Sony’s decision. This may lead to more trash talk amongst fans, but theres no denying how much fun it will be due to the larger pool of players.

Breaking down these borders is an unexpected development. Sony had a number of valid points especially as they are the current industry leader with more combined sales than Microsoft and Nintendo. But this was the kind of gesture that was needed as we move closer to the next generation. Imagine a collaboration between these publishers, you could see Master Chief and Nathan Drake team up or catch a Mario cameo in an upcoming title. The possibilities are endless.

What makes this humorous is that I doubt that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo bear any ill will toward one another. The console wars were created by fans and to help gain a competitive advantage, the big three then proceeded to take potshots at one another over the years to satisfy fans and help promote business growth. We’ve reached a point where the voices of the community directly effect the decision making of a major company. Transparency is required as social media becomes the primary means to reach your consumer base. It’s a great time to be a gamer.

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