Tips from your average gamer – Rainbow Six Siege

Are you tired of getting spawn-peeked? Tired of not being able to clutch a round? Unsure of when to be aggressive or caution? I have to be honest…I am not the person you should talk too. Go on YouTube and you’ll find a bunch of quality Siege players. But as an average player, I do have a few videos that can be used as teaching tools when you dive into a match on Siege.

Let’s do this.

Tip #1

Be mindful of your surroundings. Almost everything is destructible.

Tip #2

Flanking works wonders and it creates quality end of round kills.

Tip #3

Don’t stand out in the open, it can give up clear shots. Conversely, you can clutch a round because your opponent gets greedy.

Tip #4

Never use explosives in the proximity of teammates. She’s all tuckered out.

Tip #5

Use your traps to force the opponent to make stupid decisions.

Tip #6

When caught in a precarious situation, don’t stop firing. It may yield to surprising results.

Tip #7

Being hyper-aggressive can lead to unintentional victories. Nothing screams surprise like a rogue player running wild on a ranked match.

Tip #8

Music can bring out the best in you. Who needs to hear what the opponent is doing?

Tip #9

Patience and positioning can pay off. Also, opponents running blindly at you.

Tip #10

Sometimes when you lose, you win. Because traps.

And lastly, when your squad of randoms happen to abandon you for no reason. Go out with a boom. Nothing says comradarie like C4.

Adapt, overcome, and survive.

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