Project JUDGE – Take the law into your own hands

By now I’ve expressed my enthusiasm for the Yakuza games. In fact, at this point, the developers can put out shovelware and I might purchase it because theres probably going to be loads of depth to that as well. But luckily, we are getting a title that not only will remind you of Yakuza, but has you playing as a character who was on the opposite side of the law. Project Judge looks like it will continue the stylish, over the top gameplay that Yakuza series was known for.

From the trailers, which I will link below, you will play as a disgraced lawyer who is now a detective working to solve the murder that scuttled his career. The story trailer takes a fairly deep dive, detailing his fall and the work that he does to solve the case. You’ll deal with the Yakuza, because its not a crime adventure in Japan if they arent involved and it also appears that you’ll deal with other lawyers. Like the Yakuza series you can expect it to be fairly melodramatic and pulpy, which if we’re being honest is one of the best features of that series.

(Credit to Sega America)

Gameplay wise, there looks to be a lot of diversity. You will tail suspects, chase them, fight them if needed, and then ultimately interview them. It looks like you’ll be gathering a ton of information to use against those individuals to help build your case. This is a crime adventure after all, it wouldn’t make sense if your fists did all the talking. You will also engage in photo missions, in which you’ll tail a target and photograph them in compromising positions. It literally pays to get a quality picture and this will more than likely be a source of income for the player.

(Credit to Sega America)

Combat heavily resembles Yakuza as it maintains the brutal tone from that series. Your character seems far more nimble than Kiryu and the combat appears to be more free-flowing. Charging your attacks and unleashing special finishers makes it’s way into Project Judge, but this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Beyond combat and crime-solving, there will be a number mini-games that players can partake in including drone racing, pinball, arcade shooters, and more. Which of course, will serve as a nice distraction from the main campaign. It almost guaranteed that there will be side missions that will be crazy and possibly cringeworthy and I’m definently looking forward to that.

Judging by its initial trailers, Project Judge is both fresh and familiar. Its presentation already looks strong and it’s a nice deviation from the tried and true Yakuza series. Its always nice when a developer introduces a new IP, especially seeing how they’ve seen so much success from their previous one. Project Judge looks promising and while it still falls in the crime drama, I’m excited to see how this title plays out. Kick ass, take names, and solve crimes, sounds like a damn good time.

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