Rainbow Six Siege – 3 Years Strong

Out of all of Ubisofts current franchises, Rainbow Six Siege’s current run of three years and counting has to be it’s most impressive. It’s a consistent effort and one that should be applauded. The 40 operators (soon to be 42) and 12 maps that can be experienced for free by every player is an achievement in itself. This is a different title that has persevered because Ubisoft knew it had created a business model it could build around. It acts as the model that almost all of Ubisoft’s multiplayer titles emulate. This is a title built for the long term and it has proven to be a winner.

I was an early adopter of Siege primarily because I have been a fan of the Rainbow Six series since its inception. While Vegas is my favorite in the series all time; Siege was initially a title I didn’t want as I wasn’t a fan of multiplayer titles, but it was one I came to love. Two teams, no respawns, and a lot of chaos. Players must work together to survive as the lone wolf will get weeded out quickly. Communication is key, as calling out enemy locations as opposed to tagging them will allow teammates to get the drop on the enemy. When a plan comes together in an easy wipe, there is no better feeling in a multiplayer game.

Siege is class based and the 40 characters that represent either the attacking and defending side are all fun to play. Experimenting can lead to surprising team-ups and every character has a counter which leads to an overall balanced experience. How you ultimately play is up to you. Characters who are normally tanks and anchors can become juggernauts in capable hands. It’s all about player preference, you can either be patient and cautious or incredibly aggressive and bold. Just don’t get upset if a strategy doesnt work, casual matches are meant for experimenting.

Ranked matches are where Siege is at it’s best. Things can get tense really quickly and the normal best of four turns into a best of six. Teams can choose their spawn points and defend points and this is where understanding the maps matter. Environments are destructable so understanding how to reach an objective is just as important as having steady aim. Should you choose the least defensible area first or should you choose a less challenging area. As attackers start with drones to scout the objective, defenders should be cautious as to when to place their traps or they might give away their defenses.

All of this is a testament to how far this title has come in three years. It is a far more balanced and enjoyable experience than its initial release. While the steep learning curve remains, Siege is still an incredibly accessible title. Strategy is required, but you can also mess around and get a clutch win. As I said before, Casual is all about experimenting to learn mechanics and tactics, while Ranked is where you should apply what you’ve learned. As someone who has played this game for 3 years on and off, I can tell you first-hand, a lot has changed. There are constant tweaks and updates and somehow all of this content remains free.

Rainbow Six Siege made me a believer in Ubisoft again. This is a game that I play casually so by no means am I an expert. Play this if you’re tired of the Call of Duty’s or Battlefield’s of the world and you want a team-oriented experience. This will challenge you, frustrate you, but it is ultimately a fun title and you’ll realize that your mistakes are generally you’re own. Don’t worry as the kill-cam will prove that in a hurry. There is a reason Siege has lasted this long and has seen its community grow every year. This is the game-changer that turned Ubisoft’s reputation around and it was desperately needed as they were learning toward EA-type criticism.

Rainbow Six Siege is a proven winner and so are its fans. Play it now.

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