Replaying a Gem – Doom (2016)

Very few games get your adrenaline pumping like Doom. The speed, brutality, and kick ass music make this title one of the best first-person shooters of the current generation and after the reveal of Doom Eternal, I decided to jump back into the boots of the Doom Slayer.

It doesn’t take long for Doom to remind you that this isn’t a cover shooter. It wants you to push forward and use that momentum to clear levels while using practically every weapon at your disposal. Standing still means death and enemies all have the capability of reaching you so if you decide to stand in a corner hoping to pick them off, you may end up at the mercy of the demon horde. Levels are designed as mini-arenas with little to no cover but gives the player the ability to move freely. There are enough obstacles and obstructions that will force the player to adapt to enemy placement. Luckily, Doom gives you an arsenal that is worthy of the Doom Slayer.

Gangs all here

While you start out with an energy pistol, you will quickly gain access to machine guns, shotguns, plasma rifles, rocket launchers, and the glorious BFG-9000. Every weapon in the arsenal will get used as ammo will get scarce in the most tense sections. Each weapon has two alternate abilities, for example the shotgun can fire an explosive or it can rapid fire. These are unlocked when you find a supply bot and these tend to be hidden within the different maps.

When an enemy gets damaged, they will enter a stunned state and this will allow you to perform a glory kill. These are generally brutal executions and players are rewarded with either health or ammo. While health and ammo can be picked up by scouring a level, glory kills are an easy way to top off if you’re in a bind. Doom also gives you access to a chainsaw, which when deployed will reward the player with a ton of ammo or health. You also get to view a really badass animation depending on the enemy you use it on. Chainsaws have a limited use and depending on the enemy will determine how much fuel you will use.

This will hurt

Like previous entries, there are power-ups in certain stages that will grant you certain buffs like invincibility, quad damage, or haste. My favorite is the brutality power-up, in which the Doom Slayer can one hit kill everything in their path. It is really fun to plow through a group of enemies with brutality because it makes short work of everything. These power-ups only tend to last for a short time, but you can acquire upgrades to increase their duration.

One of the bigger changes to the Doom formula is the ability to upgrade weapons, armor, and abilities. You can acquire weapon upgrades by completing certain level objectives as well as being creative in your kills. Armor upgrades are found throughout the levels and those are taken off fallen elite. You can further upgrade your abilities by taken part in rune challenges, which will slightly alter some of your established abilities, one in particular will allow you to control your double jump which makes navigating platforming sections easier. Lastly, you can find Argent Cells, which will allow you to permanently upgrade your ammo, health, and armor capacity.

Replaying Doom after two years has been a blast. This is a visually stunning game with big guns and kick-ass encounters. There are only three boss fights in the game, but they are challenging and fun. It also helps that the music played during the boss fights really helps you get into a groove when trying to dodge and attack. There are so many hidden secret areas and collectibles that it would take multiple playthroughs to find them all. After all this time, I have found a new appreciation for this title. It’s simply one of the best reboots period.

The multiplayer aspect of Doom is a solid distraction, but one of the best features is its Arcade mode. This allows you to blast through your favorite segments to see if you can medal and get a top score. Arcade mode acts as a throwback of sorts because it removes the narrative from the game completely. It’s simple, straightforward, and is a mode you can lose yourself in for a number of hours. Also, there is a snapmap feature in which you can create and share your own maps. This has helped satiate the Doom community until the release of Doom Eternal.

If you haven’t played the reboot of Doom, you’re missing out on one helluva game. It features a strong campaign, solid multiplayer, and enough post-game content to keep you entertained for hours. This is the first FPS that I’ve played that had me grinning from the sheer carnage that one character can produce. It is a fantastic throwback that lays down the foundation for the series future.

And that future is very bright indeed.

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