Doom Eternal – An apt name for an Undying Franchise

My first memory of Doom was playing the first-person title on floppy disk at my dad’s workplace. I was amazed at the graphics and just how fast and smooth the action was. The double-barrel shotgun was my weapon of choice for demon slaying and this was before I got my hands on the BFG. It was the first title I used cheats for and god mode was and still is the shit. Doom was the first shooter that I ever played and if you told me that it would be relevant two decades later, I would’ve called you a liar.

Over the years since its release, the FPS genre has evolved and advanced to where a straight forward shooter could no longer satisfy gamers. It needed to be faster, louder, and more action-packed to compete with the military shooters who would become the leaders in the genre. So, developer Id Software made an attempt to reinvigorate the series with Doom 3. It was far slower than previous entries and featured a plot that was a bit more complex than kill every demon in sight. It was a bit of a disappointment even though the attempt at horror was appreciated. Unfortunately, Doom 3 wasn’t the fresh start Id was hoping for and the series ending up going dormant until 2016 when the series received one hell of a reboot.

2016’s Doom is a shining example of a reboot done right. It was the follow-up that Doom 3 wasn’t and the opening sequence in the game drove that point home. This title was all about momentum and it showed in its gameplay. You couldn’t sit behind cover as enemies were quick to swarm and the fastest way to regain health or ammo was to kill enemies. Melee executions, known as “glory kills”, were an incredible addition to the series as the Doom Slayer would eviscerate demons in gory and fairly creative ways. Doom was a shot of adrenaline and represented a nice change of pace from all the corridor shooters that littered the market. Id Software finally had the foundation it needed to continue the series, Doom had made its comeback.

At E3 2018, a follow-up, Doom Eternal, was announced with a small teaser trailer and that more details would be given at QuakeCon. The small teaser trailer showed that Doom Eternal would finally take the series back to Earth and it was about damn time. Earlier entries hinted at a hell on Earth scenario, but were never able to follow through. At QuakeCon, new gameplay trailers were released during the presentation displaying numerous updates to the gameplay and showed off concept art for the environments that players would explore.

(Credit to Bethesda)

A shotgun with a grappling hook sounds like a match made in heaven doesn’t it? Being able to air dash and grapple enemies should help fully realize the push-forward system that the previous title held its hat on. The speed of the game may be off-putting for some, but combat looks to be even more exhilarating than its predecessor and that featured some of the most intense encounters I’ve ever experienced. Adding to the intensity of the combat will be the introduction of the new “Invasion” system. Similar to Dark Souls, players can invade other players campaigns as demons and even team-up to form Slayer hunting teams, which will up the stress factor during the campaign as if combating dozens of demons wasn’t stressful enough. Players can choose to turn this feature off, but it does add an additional challenge and it will create some interesting encounters.

My favorite part of the presentation was the announcement that Earth was only one of the environments players would explore. The developers are looking to create a Doom universe and the new environments look like they will be a blast to explore. Exposition was never the series strong suit, but Doom Eternal has the ability to push the series into a new and exciting direction. Plus, you get to return to Phobos and this brings back some awesome memories from earlier titles. There was a really humorous moment where civilians on Phobos reacted with a combination of awe and fear at the sight of the Doom Slayer. Doom Eternal is shaping up to be an incredibly ambitious title and could be a game of the year contender in 2019.

Oh and here’s one more reason for hype:

A fucking energy sword, this game can’t come out soon enough.

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