Venom (2018) – Building Hype by way of a Strong Second Trailer


With the success of Deadpool and other Marvel properties that were intended for mature audiences, it was only a matter of time before Venom would get a second shot on the big screen. His first outing in Spider-Man 3 was questionable, it felt rushed and while Topher Grace did an admirable job in the little screen time he had, Venom as a whole was just underwhelming. Whatever plans they had for the symbiote in future Spider-Man films would have to be put on an indefinite hold. That is until last year, when it was announced that a Venom standalone film was being made with Tom Hardy cast as the lead. It had been rumored that this will be a R rated film, which makes sense as Venom is a fairly violent character, and you would be pacifying his abilities otherwise. Fans were eagerly anticipating the first tease or trailer for the film and were finally given one on April 23.

While I had a lot of positive thoughts regarding the trailer, especially the end as Venom looks awesome, I was cautious with how some of the effects were coming along. It looked rough and there is a motorcycle sequence that looks incredibly cheesy. It looked like a typical superhero moment in which the protagonists showed how overpowered they really are. Tom Hardy does a great job portraying a down on his luck journalist who unfortunately gets caught up with the Venom symbiote. It was a good first trailer, a bit rough on the edges, but it gave just enough information to pique fan interest. I wanted to see more of the banter between Venom and Eddie as one of the primary draws of the character is Eddie trying to fight off the symbiote’s murderous intent. Plus, a little more of Venom on display wouldn’t hurt either. A second trailer would drop on July 31st and it was a significant upgrade over the first.

This trailer was an exercise in more. More Venom, a deeper dive into the plot, and the introduction of another symbiote, Riot. It displayed a dark sense of humor and gave fans a taste of just how terrifying Venom can be. This is also a proper example of how to build hype for you film. If you weren’t impressed or excited after seeing the first trailer, then the second was the remedy for those doubts. One of the more interesting aspects of the trailer was how it displayed that Venom was more than willing to protect its host by putting on display more abilities than the first trailer showed. The motorcycle sequence was cut from this trailer, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it made the final cut. Because of Venom’s abilities, it looks like the body count in the final film will be high and here’s hoping that it will be a fairly bloody affair.

The second trailer for Venom is a prime example of how to effectively use a trailer to build hype. It was a nice rebound from the first trailer, which while effective, was slightly underwhelming because of its generic look. The second trailer captured more of the horror aspect of the character while also featuring the dark humor that is displayed in the comics. It releases on October 5th and while trailers aren’t indicative of the final product, it could still be a disappointment, at least the trailer gives us hope that it could be a great entry in the Marvel universe.

Bring on Carnage.

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