Fallout Miami – Trailer Thoughts

More Fallout you say?  Count me in.

At first glance, I honestly thought this was an announcement for a new Fallout title by Bethesda because this is a really well-made and convincing trailer. To my surprise, Fallout Miami is a mod currently in development that will take players away from Boston and into Miami or as its known in the trailer, the “Vacation Wasteland”. From the looks of the trailer it seems that this will be fully featured title with a main campaign and various side quests. There are new enemies or at least variations of existing ones and environmental changes that will reflect the current state of Miami in the nuclear wasteland.

Hopefully there isn’t too much in regards to building settlements, but regardless, this is something that should satisfy Fallout fans who are cautious about the release of Fallout 76. This is currently shaping up to be a strong addition to the Fallout universe and who knows, if all goes well, we may see Bethesda do a deep dive into exploring the southwest. Irradiated crocs anyone?

Support mods people, they can extend the life of a game and this is an example of a mod that speaks to the potential of fan content. Here is a link to their website so you can follow their progress.


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