Glass (2019) – Trailer thoughts


First name Mr. Last name Glass

When Split released last year, it pleasantly took many by surprise. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, whose career at this point was filled with more misses than hits, it featured an unexpected connection to his earlier work Unbreakable, a superhero film that was released 17 years earlier. It was a significant, albeit short moment, in a film anchored by a strong performance by James McAvoy, that up until the end of the film felt like it was set in its own universe. This small cameo by Unbreakable protagonist David Dunn gave way to speculation that a true sequel was on it’s way. Like others, I just didnt expect it to be so soon.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of Unbreakable or Split, then this trailer should get you hyped for what’s to come. The trailer opens up with the three main characters from the previous films being interviewed by a psychiatrist. She provides exposition on each of these characters, reminding viewers of their various abilities and past deeds. During the conversation, Mr. Glass casually objects to the psychiatrist’s claims, as he is well aware of their potential and powers. The trailer has various cuts quickly detailing how each character wound up being interviewed and from there it shows Glass determined to work in with The Beast. It also shows a brief glimpse of David Dunn and The Beast doing battle.

It’s a fantastic trailer that gives the viewer enough information to get hyped without really giving anything away. Which by the way is awesome because far too often do new trailers give away key plot points and details before the film even releases. Unbreakable featured two strong characters in David Dunn and Mr. Glass and their struggle with one another made it feel like a franchise was potentially incoming. Obviously, this wasn’t the case, but at least fans won’t have to wait 17 years as the film releases on January 18, 2019. If this does well at the box office, then maybe, just maybe I wont have to be in my 40’s to get another sequel.

Fingers crossed.

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