SDCC 2018 – A look at the new DCU Trailers

Every year at Comic-Con fans are given a glimpse of what’s to come for a particular brand. DC comics in particular released a few significant trailers hyping up their future releases. These include Aquaman, Shazam, and the new Titans series for their upcoming streaming service. Let’s take a quick peek shall we?


Well that was a thing.

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If DC was actively working to kill the hype for a highly anticipated series, this was the way to go. The quality looks lower than their shows currently on the CW, which is depressing because Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash are pretty good. Costume design is spotty especially when looking at Starfire and Beast Boy. Why the hell does it look like they spray-painted him green and called it a day? It looks dark and dreary, which was a trend I thought DC was moving away from with the release of Justice League. I was looking forward to this and then the trailer dropped, I don’t mind alternate takes, but not ones that veer off to the far left. Robin kills dudes in the trailer and anyone that argues that is clearly blind. Writer Geoff Johns says there is more to the series than the initially trailer and that could be true. It’ll be a hard sell, because currently fans are divided with this trailer, it has about as many dislikes as it does likes. Not a good start.


Jason Mamoa is the man.

Spotty CGI aside, seriously look at the sharks and fish at the aquarium, this was a really fun trailer. Jason Mamoa was one of the highlights in the uneven Justice League movie and this is a chance for DC to continue their success of standalone films. While origin stories have been a toss-up in terms of quality, Wonder Woman was a great step in the right direction and Aquaman looks to follow suit. This looks to be a fun popcorn film that probably should’ve been released before Justice League to provide more information regarding character motivations. It features a star-studded cast and there is more than enough time to clean up some of the CGI before its release this December. At least this one was fun.


A fun take on a fun character.

Easily the best trailer that DC released at Comic-Con, Shazam looks fun, silly, and a lot of this is due to Zacahary Levi’s take on the character. Its another origin story, but this can be overlooked because Shazam follows a young Billy Batson being imbued with superhuman abilities with the uterrance of one word. Because Shazam is an out of this world character with deep ties to magic, this was always going to be a film that could be take in so many different directions. Thankfully, it looks like a coming of age story that will play out more like a comedy than a dark and violent drama. Unfortunately, it wont feature series antagonist Black Adam, but that can be rectified if the series does well at the box office. It comes out sometimes in 2019 and is firmly on fans radars.

No one really knows how any of these will turn out and while there is a lot of hope and hype surrounding Shazam and Aquaman, Titans just looks off. There will be more to come, but Titans will be debuting soon so there may need to be more information to convince fans and potential viewers that this series will be more than one filled with angst and violence. At least Aquaman and Shazam look to be a more fun take on their respective properties. It feels like a two steps forward and one step back kind of deal, but regardless, DC had a large presence at Comic-Con and for the most part it didn’t feel wasted.

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