Boogie to the Warriors – The Infinity Stones have been Gathered


In what has been an interesting, if not predictable NBA free agency, the biggest news for June 2nd came in the form of DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins joining the Golden State Warriors.

For around 5 million.


This is the greatest starting 5 in NBA history and it isn’t even close.  LeBron goes to the Lakers is big news, it brings the Lakers back to NBA relevancy.  Fans like myself who were hoping to see a Celtics/Lakers finals will probably have to wait a year until the dust ultimately settles for the 2019 season.  Steve Kerr, aka Thanos, has all the Infinity Stones gathered and barring a season ending injury, the Warriors should cruise to the Finals.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t abandon the NBA for a year, but like a predictable summer blockbuster, you can see the ending from a mile away. The Celtics or Sixers should make the finals, but unless their respective young stars make extraordinary leaps, keep those expectations low. I don’t blame Boogie for calling up the Warriors.  He wasn’t being called up by many teams due to his injury and erratic personality.  He rolled the dice and the Warriors are more than happy to take in a Top-20 player who is still in the prime of his career.

Who frigging wouldn’t, he bullys those down low on the block, he’s an excellent passer, and he can shoot the rock.  Boogie is a player that would act as an instant upgrade at the 5 and would easily catapult a playoff team into Finals contention.  The Bucks, Sixers, and even Celtics could’ve have used him and the price tag was ridiculously low. 5 million is highway robbery for a player of Boogie’s talent especially when you consider that there are other lesser talents getting paid way more than him.

Chandler Parson’s, who may or may not ever become the player he was, is going to make around 5 times more than Boogie and he has played sparingly due to injuries.  He was also never an All-Star or All-NBA, but hey the mans getting paid and I can’t knock that. Boogie will have a chance to show teams that he has turned the corner in regards to his personality. He is emotional and fiery, but hes a competitor and a dominant offensive threat that will make teams pay for not taking a chance on him.  He may not be back until January, but that just means the Warriors can handle their business beforehand.  When he does arrive though, expect a lot of bruised and battered bodies as Boogie comes through to make a statement.

If we’re being honest, the Warriors don’t need Cousins to remain at the top of the NBA food chain.  But his presence will give the other four a rest on offense and if opposing teams double-team him, which will happen, they leave themselves open to a death lineup that will snatch the breath from their chest. It’s scary to think about the damage that this team could do, there might be chemistry issues, but Cousins will look to repair his image by being a good teammate and making the right plays as he did on the Pelicans.

The Warriors to LeBron

This upcoming season might just be a wash.  But Boogie isn’t to blame, its every other team who passed on him.

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