DLC Quick Take – Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure


That title is a banana-ful.


The return of Rabbid Kong has arrived and it…is…actually pretty darn good.


Donkey Kong Adventure is a fun and surprisingly lengthy add-on to the excellent Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch. It makes some small tweaks to gameplay mechanics to accommodate the arrival of Donkey Kong but other than that there are no real significant gameplay modifications. Like the original title, this is a light-hearted and humorous affair that will take around 5-6 hours to complete. Because returning players will be comfortable with the gameplay mechanics, this is honestly a lot easier than the main game.

In Donkey Kong adventure, the player will only control three characters, the aforementioned Donkey Kong, Rabbis Cranky, and Rabbid Peach, who returns from the main game. Whatever weapons you had with Rabbid Peach do not carry over to the DLC. There is a humorous opening cutscene that will detail how the three heroes meet and from there you will have to make your way to stop Rabbid Kong, who thankfully also returns. Rabbid Cranky is easily my favorite new character, he carries a crossbow that acts as a spread weapon and has an ability that can make any enemy fall asleep as long as they are in range.

While Cranky is great, his abilities fall more in line with characters from the main game. Donkey Kong on the other hand, is a unique character whose abilities make each encounter easy. There are certain jump pads that only he can use and these are set up in a manner that can see DK travel all cross the map in one turn. He can also pick up his teammates and after they complete the jumps he can throw them to certain areas. It adds a new layer of strategy but also makes encounters simple.


Even when bosses can counter movement, you can always sacrifice another character so that DK can make his way to the boss. He uses a banana as his primary weapon and this can hit multiple targets. His special ability can hypnotize and drag enemies to his position and his secondary weapon is a ground pound that can do some serious damage. Regardless of the objective, DK’s ability to traverse and throw objects, enemies, and companions coupled with his abilities and weapons means you will always have an advantage.

Donkey Kong Adventure features much of the same, but in a vibrant and colorful jungle setting. It is fun experimenting with Donkey Kong’s abilities even though it can take away some of the challenge. It is a fun story, featuring a few fun boss encounters and the return of an enemy in Rabbid Kong who needed more screentime. His cutscenes are hilarious because he remembers good and well the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Rabbid Peach. For 20 bucks, you get a lot of content as there are challenge modes that you can play through once the campaign ends. If you enjoyed the main game, you will enjoy the DLC.

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