Fallout 76 – A surprising turn for the series

After weeks of speculation, it was finally confirmed that Fallout 76 is indeed going to be an online-only game. This will divide some, as there are enough online-only titles that have troubling starts, but none of those games have the experience with open-world titles like Bethesda.

It felt like Fallout 4 laid down the foundation for Fallout 76, the base/settlement building mechanic felt like it could easily transfer over to an online-only experience and because of the size of the wasteland, there was always the thought as to what Fallout would look like with multiplayer. Well, from what Bethesda showed at E3, it’s definitely intriguing and ambitious. There will be PVP and PVE and while the player can join their friends, they also can go it alone. A co-op Fallout has always been a feature I wished the series had.

The map for 76 is massive in comparison to Fallout 4. Players will traverse West Virginia and on their journey there will be new enemies to face, a giant monster sloth was in the trailer, which is awesome and terrifying even though you should be able to outrun it. Just me I guess. Players will get to build bases together and must defend those bases from the various enemies and players who are looking to loot resources for their own base. There will be numerous quests that players will partake in and from the gameplay trailer it seems that the overseer of Vault 76 has a main quest that players can complete.

Oh and there are nukes.

(Credit to Izuniy)

Yup, you can actually find nuclear codes in certain areas of the map and once players have gained the codes, they can actually use the nukes if they so choose. Doing so will completely obliterate an area and will directly affect the topography of the area you just bombed. So, players need to be strategic because once the area has been destroyed…its going to be completely radiated. Which means there are new resources to loot, but players will more than likely face new enemies and opposing players who want those rare resources to themselves.

The real question is going to be how will this game run? There won’t be hundreds of players in a server, but regardless, open-world Bethesda games tend to be buggy affairs. There will be a beta, also known as the break-it early test application (amazing name), which will give players a good indication of how the game will win. I have no doubt that this will be a solid shooter, but what about the signature VATS system? Could it work in a multiplayer environment? There are still a lot of questions to answer but Fallout 76 could be an excellent online experience.

(Credit to Izuniy)

The reason why I’m more optimistic is because of Bethesda’s experience in open-world games and the success of Elder Scrolls Online. They are more than capable of crafting an excellent online experience and Fallout is one game where I would rather have a player companion than an AI who ends up getting the way. The exception of course is Dogmeat as he is an excellent companion, quite possibly the best. There is a ton of potential in Fallout 76. Could be the best one yet. Gamers everywhere will find out in November.

Holy shit, that thing is jacked.

Take me home.

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