Hitman 2 – You’ve got red on you.

When Square Enix parted ways with IO Interactive, the future of the Hitman series was left up in the air. The first season of the rebooted Hitman series was fantastic, it featured 7 episodes, open-ended gameplay, and numerous side contracts. It had incredible replay value and for a game that was episodic in nature, there was more than enough content to sustain player interest until the next episode. Luckily, WB Games saw the value in the Hitman franchise and will now be acting as the publisher for the series.

Hitman 2 will feature 6 new locations and should continue the open-ended gameplay that the series is known for.  This is great news for everyone who is a fan of the franchise. While people were initially skeptical of the episodic nature of the Hitman reboot, primarily due to the numerous changes found in Hitman Absolution, it proved to be a great decision as it allowed IO Interactive to fully flesh out each location and episode.  Whether or not Hitman 2 will be episodic in remains to be seen, but I am all for Hitman 2 being Seasonal in the same fashion as Rainbow Six Siege.  Just let the content constantly roll in every few months or so and you’ll hear no complaints from me as long as the quality is consistent.

Hitman 2 releases November 13. Like the previous entry, a pre-order will allow you to play Sniper Assassin Mode.

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