Destiny 2: Forsaken – Too little too late?


Prepare yourselves Guardians


Year 2 for Destiny 2, as it was for its predecessor, is going to be huge for the franchise. Like the Taken King expansion, Bungie is putting all of its chips in with the Forsaken expansion. I’ve been critical of these massive open world games because it always feels like there is never enough content to satisfy players. Destiny 2 had a promising start, the campaign was interesting, the Leviathan raid was fun, and there was enough new wrinkles that certain cracks could be overlooked. But like it’s predecessor, it became evident that there wasn’t enough content to keep a fanbase satiated for an entire year. Special events are always nice, but when a game becomes repetitive, there’s no stopping it from becoming noticeable.

When Forsaken was announced earlier this week, it featured some pretty big announcements.  The expansion will be set in a new environment that will resemble the frontiers of the wild west.  It’s set on an asteroid belt, which is kind of cool when you think about it.  Thankfully, there will be a new enemy type to confront, which is long overdue.  A new mode known as Gambit, which will blend PVP and PVE, will see teams challenge one another for motes while battling your standard Destiny enemies.  There is a new Raid that will see the environment shift with every week, therefore breaking up the monotony of diving into the same raid every week.  Players will be able to adjust their loadouts and customize their weapons.  As expected, there will be new weapons and armor, the highlight being the Bow, which according to Bungie will be pretty OP.  The expansion will also be adding the ability to track what items players have collected.  Which is good news for those players who classify themselves as hoarders.

With all of this information dropping, I’ll put the video below in case I missed something, the question is going to be whether it’s enough?  I expect those dedicated guardians to jump right back into the fray, but for those on the fence, this expansion might not be enough. Players have a right to be skeptical, Destiny 2 was technically unnecessary as it felt like an expansion in itself.  This was supposed to be a game that Bungie could build and expand upon for years.  But because the developer didn’t meet the expectations by it’s fanbase, they saw a drop in concurrent users which would then lead to the release of Destiny 2.

In the announce trailer, Bungie staff says they’ve going overboard in regards to the content.  Not true, because Destiny 2 needed a shot of adrenaline.  The first two DLC’s were lackluster affairs and Bungie needs Forsaken to be a home run, otherwise don’t be surprised when the third entry in the franchise gets announced.  My gut tells me that the Forsaken expansion will be high quality if it’s anything like the Taken King.  But you can’t expect to resurrect interest in a game when everything feels the same.  Eventually, they’ll have to shorten time between expansions, waiting a year may not be enough. New content may need to be released weekly.  Something has to change with the Destiny formula.  Because if this fails, imagine how wary people will be when The Division 2 releases.  With every new entry in what was supposed to be a 5 to 10 year model, it’s going to be hard for other developers to sell their idea.  Bungie needs to nail this expansion and justify the high price, it will prevent the Destiny franchise from being a cautionary tale.

Year 2 arrives soon, hopefully Bungie will deliver big on its promises.

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