A Spawn Reboot is on the way!


Recently a new Spawn movie was revealed to be in development and as a fan of the character I couldn’t be more excited. However, news that the movie will be a “creep” film instead of a traditional superhero film, in which the titular character is more of the monster that you barely see, is a bit strange. But then again, the budget is fairly low at 10 million and animating all of Spawns abilities, let alone his cape, would be difficult for the special effects crew.

It has been announced that this isn’t an origins story and for that I think fans will be appreciative. While it’s been over 20 years since Spawn graced the silver screen, reintroducing the character as a movie monster/anti-hero is the right move.  Godzilla, the 2014 iteration, followed the same path as the monster barely had any screen time and was generally seen lurking in the background.  That of course was a hundred million dollar film with massive set pieces, so fans of Spawn should expect a more grounded and gritty film.

Hopefully the minimal budget will force the film crew to get creative. The horror genre is perfect for Spawn and it should allow for some creative kills and scares with the character. Who knows, maybe they’ll follow a group of characters that Spawn is specifically targeting for vengeance instead of hapless characters who end up getting saved by him.  That would actually be kind of a cool twist. Not following the hero but instead following the villains as they try to evade him. They wouldn’t get far of course, Spawn is a straight-up nightmare, so running would just mean you would die tired. The low budget may not allow for any screen time for the long-time villain Violator, but who knows there might be some real surprises in store..

There will be skeptics, a low budget, new take, and minimal screen time will make people question the direction.  But like the rebooted Hellboy, I’m willing to give the new title a chance as long as the trailers sell me on the film.  Characters like Spawn deserve gritty films, they don’t need to be pacified because of the current climate of family friendly Superhero films. There’s nothing wrong with going against current trends, but I’m also one to remain skeptical when a project deviates this far from the current trend.  Regardless, it is awesome that Spawn is finally getting another shot at film.  The HBO animated series was great and you never know, with digital distributors always looking for the next property to adapt, Spawn could find itself as a live-action series.  It all depends on the success of the film and with that low budget, there is a high probability for success.

More news will drop soon but in the meantime check out this excellent short featuring Spawn, titled The Recall, by Michael Paris.

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