Castlevania – An Adaptation done right

Netflix is doing what it wants when it comes to it’s content. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s animations have been surprisingly strong. One in particular is Castlevania. When word came around in 2017 that there was going to be an adaptation of the popular videogame series I immediately hoped that it wouldn’t be live-action. Game adaptations in general, have found little to no success and Castlevania would be best suited as an animated series, that way there would be no limitations in adapting the insanity found in the games. Needless to say, Castlevania’s first season, albeit short, was awesome.

Making Dracula a tragic figure is honestly a bold move. While this has been done within the videogame series, see Lord’s of Shadow and it’s sequel, I wasn’t expecting myself to say that Dracula has a valid reason to be so upset with humanity. Does he take it too far? Of course, the series does do a good job at positioning him as the antagonist, but providing justification in his actions makes Dracula a more realized character.

The same can be said for main protagonist Trevor Belmont. As a member of the infamous Belmont clan, you would expect a capable and heroic character, but because his clan was excommunicated by the Church, he is more than happy to get drunk and let the world fall into chaos. Make no mistake that he has heroic tendencies, but these aren’t seen until the second half of the series and even then he doesn’t seem confident in helping the townsfolk. Trevor is sarcastic but incredibly skilled and does prove that he is a worthy successor to the Belmont clan.

While the other two heroes Sypha and Alucard aren’t given prominent screentime, it is only four episodes after all, there is already enough intrigue and mystery surrounding them that when the second season eventually drops, it will be interesting to see where their arcs will take them. Alucard is a fan favorite and for good reason, his introduction is pretty bad ass and a true highlight for the first season.

Castlevania was originally intended to be a multi-part film and this shows in its animation. This is a beautifully animated series with some stunning set pieces. There is also unsurprisingly, a lot of gore and brutal violence. This doesn’t take away from the animation as there are some scenes that will get the blood pumping. Voice acting is top-notch as the cast is lead by veteran actor Richard Armitage who voices Trevor Belmont. Luckily, this is very much an adult show and thankfully there are no pulled punches.

Netflix has yet to announce a formal date for Season 2, but hopefully, it arrives in the next coming months. I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the second season as it will double the amount of the episodes of the first season. While this still feels short, I will gladly take quality over quantity. As long as Castlevania further develops it’s main cast, narrative, and maintaining its strong a animation, the series will be one to remember. This is one of the best animations on Netflix and is currently my favorite videogame adaptation.

Here’s looking forward to the second season.

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