Rage 2 – The Return

By all accounts, Rage was a pretty good game.

It featured amazing graphics for its time and was a solid FPS that was a bit on the short side and it’s a bit surprising that it took this long for a sequel to materialize. It looks to build on all of the aspects that made the previous entry pretty good. Visually it should be stunning and developer Bethesda has had more than enough time to make tweaks to the gameplay and will hopefully come back with a stronger campaign. The previous entry ended on a cliff-hanger and although it wouldn’t come off as much as a shock if this picked up right where Rage ended, I wouldn’t mind if it went in a totally different direction. What’s fascinating about this announcement is that it was spurred by the leaks by Wal-Mart. This may have stolen some of the shine from other titles whose dates were spoiled as well, most notably being Borderlands 3. Hopefully, Bethesda and ID Software will re-release an HD Remake of Rage so that they can generate interest in the sequel. Rage 2 will be hitting stores sometime in the 2nd Quarter of 2019.

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