Detroit: Become Human Demo Impressions

Quantic Dream’s true successor to Heavy Rain

As of this writing, PS4 owners are able to download the Detroit: Become Human demo from the PSN store which entails the hostage situation seen in the majority of early trailers for the game. It’s roughly around 15 minutes or so and is a surprisingly a nice sample size as to how the game will handle. It feels more like Heavy Rain than Beyond Two Souls, which is a positive as Heavy Rain was far more interactive and felt more like a video game rather than an interactive movie. For those who have never played a Quantic Dream game, the controls are more contextual, meaning that you will use the right analog stick and touch pad to interact with certain items in the environment and you will use the left analog stick for movement. It can feel different, but for the demo it works just fine.

In the demo, you will assume the role of the android Connor, who is being sent in to deal with the hostage situation. The player are tasked with finding clues to initiate a positive outcome as hastily completing the demo could lead a mission failure. I am unaware if there is a time-table to complete your actions, but based off the prompts and dialogue around you, it feels as these situations are time-sensitive. After you complete the demo, you will see a script tree that will detail all the various outcomes and will show your decisions throughout the sequence. What’s interesting is that the player is able to view this at any time as long as you pause. Players will know exactly how many outcomes there are but they will only unlock through progression. I took a fairly cautious approach, as I did in Heavy Rain, but you’ll see in the demo that I was a bit hesitant when making certain choices. I felt at times that the game was trying to rush my decisions to give a feeling of urgency.

This has potential to be a worthy successor to Heavy Rain. Visually, the game is stunning and the voice acting is excellent. Facial animations are on-par with some of the best in gaming. You really get a sense of tension which adds to the dramatic tone of the game. Playing as Connor during the demo gives a glimpse of the overall disdain humans have for androids as discrimination will be an overarching theme in the main game. I was hoping that the demo would also include the other playable characters Kara and Markus as their trailers displayed more of the story, but this demo was more than enough to pique my interest. Hopefully, Quantic Dream is able to craft a cohesive and immersive story that stays interesting for the length of the game. Detroit: Become Human arrives on May 25th and Sony might very well have another hit on their hands.

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