Quick Takes: Fortnite Battle Royale Review

As this game is still in early access, I’ve always felt it premature to post a review on a game that has yet to have a full release. It has however, been over six months since the release of Fortnite Battle Royale and there is more than enough content to give an honest take. This will be rather short because I’ve already given multiple impressions which can be found on my site.

Rarely does a game hold my interest like Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s charming, easy to pick-up, has great visuals, and can be enjoyed by anyone as it’s free-to-play. Epic Games has done a wonderful job of constantly updating the game so that the ever-growing community can stay satisfied. Game modes, locations, skins, emotes, and weapons are introduced on a consistent basis and honestly, its quite impressive to see a triple-A developer be so committed. Every tweak in gameplay is due to feedback from the community and Epic does not rest on its laurels, they are always looking to deliver the best product.

What separates Fortnite from other Battle Royale is the building. Being able to manipulate the game environment by building adds an element of strategy that isn’t found in the genre. The high ground matters and if you want to win in Fortnite, you have to learn how to build. You may never get to be as skilled as some of the other players who can build incredibly elaborate structures, but as long you can do the basics you have a winning chance. It’s fun to watch two skilled players from afar because of the amount of skill involved to not only build, but shoot and maintain your balance without plummeting toward your death. Being aggressive is not always rewarded, as there are times where approaching with caution can be the more beneficial approach. I find that in Fortnite, surviving long enough in a match will help determine your play style.

For myself, the major draw of Fortnite is the player-created chaos. There are always moments in a game that will get your blood pumping. Riding rockets, no-scoping, outbuilding, and jump-padding into an opponent’s base are examples of moments that can happen during a round. The amount of creativity displayed by the community in Fortnite is insane, people will always tinker with newly introduced products to test the limits of what they’re able to do. Whether you play solo or with friends, Fortnite is a great time and the fact that it doesn’t take itself so seriously is one of its best aspects.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Epic does next. Hopefully, the mystery of the comet can be solved soon. My thoughts are that its going to hit and drastically change the map. I don’t think it will change just Tilted Towers, I believe it will affect everything.


5 out of 5

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