Fortnite Tips from your Average Player

Look, you’ve seen numerous sites who will give you tips on how to be successful in Fortnite. But let’s be honest, that’s for those who want to go pro. If you want to be successful you just need to do the following:

  1. Lead the target. Easy peasy.
    that shot tho
  2. Building gives you an advantage. If you corner an enemy, build higher than them and give them the business. look up.gif
  3. Be unpredictable, you have to zig and zag. Running directly at someone isn’t smart.
    Zig Zag.gif
    Should’ve zagged.
  4. Spoiler alert! Fall damage is a real thing, it can hand someone an easy victory.
    Be Aware
    Thanks for the W!
  5. Use your head, if someone puts themselves above a trap. Take away their footing.
    use your head.gif
    Tough Luck
  6. The crossbow is a shotgun in Snipers only. Who knew?
    Embrace it.
  7. Jump pads are meant to be placed outside of buildings. Don’t laugh.
    Jump Pad.gif
    You can’t get them back.
  8. If you get caught out in the open with no weapon. You’re dead.
    Smile big!
  9. Partner down? DO NOT turn your back to where they were downed. You will die.
    turn around.gif
    I don’t understand people.
  10. Dance! dance.gif

It’s a videogame guys. Have fun with it. My buddy Chris says they should do a Dragonball Z event. I mean, there’s an emote that resembles the Ginyu Force.


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