Staying Alive: Rocket League

A concept like Rocket League should be met with curious skepticism. Rocket Cars? Soccer? But honestly, it’s a match made in heaven.

It’s been almost 3 years since Rocket League has been released and it remains one of my favorite games to pick up and play. I’ll profess I’m not very good at the game, but I do have my moments.

Staying relevant when new releases are pushed out every week is a testament to the game design. Staying relevant for over 3 years and then adopted as an E-sport, that’s just downright impressive. Rocket League’s gameplay is simple but nuanced. Players can boost, jump/double jump, e-brake, and reverse. The ability to combine these actions is what makes the game special.

There are highlight plays that are either created out of pure luck or are crafted because of careful teamwork. When you start to go up in the rankings though, you’ll start to notice that almost every spectacular play is user created. Newer players can go through the Season mode, in which you’ll spend time playing bots or they can select to play in casual, ranked, and customizable modes.

One of the main selling points of Rocket League is that there is a wealth of post-launch content. Almost every season, new cars, arenas, and cosmetic items are introduced. These can span from car toppers to unique goal explosions. Developer Psyonix works hard to create new game modes and seasonal events to help keep players invested. They’ve done a fantastic job of extending the game’s shelf life and aren’t looking of stopping anytime soon. Rocket League was recently ported to the Nintendo Switch, which should only help expand its audience. With a developer deeply committed to its community, Rocket League should be around for the long haul.

It’s one of the most balanced experiences on the market today and because of its easy to learn gameplay can be picked up and enjoyed by everyone.

This is what true coordination looks like. (Not me)

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