Rumor Mill – Modern Warfare 2 remaster is coming…without multiplayer?

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare was remastered and released last year, fans were anticipating that a Modern Warfare 2 Remaster was on its way.  It looks like that is going to be the case, head to twitter and you’ll see multiple reputable sources reporting this information.

But here is the kicker, there won’t be any multiplayer.

All of this is unconfirmed, but let’s be honest, why in the hell would you re-release one of your most popular games without the one feature that is THE selling point in the franchise?

All of it makes little to no sense from a business perspective.   Activision could release the Multiplayer as an add-on or a DLC later on down the line.  But the single-player for Modern Warfare 2 wasn’t its selling point.  Also, if Activision were to release the multiplayer as paid DLC, it would be a move comparable to EA pushing micro-transactions onto everything.

Don’t get this twisted, remasters or re-releases are cash grabs targeted at the older audience so that the word gets spread in the hopes that a newer audience can be captured.  But if you’re Activision, from a fiscal standpoint, what sense would it make for this news to leak.  It will only damage the projected sales because they are withholding a feature that would sell to their consumers.

Now, none of this may be true, but this information should’ve never gotten out in the first place.

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