(Review) Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak Mode needs to be a full game. Seriously.

Rainbow Six Siege has done an excellent job in keeping the game fresh by introducing new maps and operators each season.  The post-launch content has been excellent and Ubisoft’s consistency has led to a whopping 25 million people to play their game.  While this is a monumental achievement and nothing to push aside, I however, need more of this:

(Credit to Ubisoft US)

While I am currently wrapped up with Fortnite, a few friends decided that we should try out this new Outbreak mode and let me tell you…I am pleasantly surprised.  The player is dropped into New Mexico with two other operators and you have to navigate the objectives all while fending off infected creatures who are the result of an alien epidemic.  Players select their operators out of a pool of ten and are subsequently dropped into the action to complete various objectives.   This literally sounds like the farthest thing from a Siege scenario because of how grounded the core game is, but it works surprisingly well.  We beat all three levels in on sitting, although that isn’t very impressive considering that they are all short in regards to length.  But it did leave my friends and I wanting more.  It really begs the question as to why this isn’t its own standalone game?

Practically everything translates over from the core gameplay of Siege, from the destructible environments to fortifying and booby-trapping an area in preparation for the horde.  Enemies are fairly varied and well designed.  I especially loved the fact that the Smasher, a large armored infected, looks just like the Brutes from Dead Space, another one of my favorite game series  Add in the fact that friendly fire can be turned on via Pandemic mode and it quickly ramps up the tension.  Teamwork, as it is in the core game, is integral to success, so much so that the lack thereof will get you swarmed and killed quick, fast, and in a hurry.  Players are given the choice to dispatch enemies with suppressors, but get caught and the horde will quickly rush your team.


Rooters are a nuisance.


I will confess that I am a massive fan of Left 4 Dead, so much so that the bulk of my time with the Xbox 360 was dedicated to playing that series.  Playing Outbreak really brings out a feeling of nostalgia to when I played Left 4 Dead online.  I really enjoy the core gameplay of Siege, but because there are technically two modes, this feels like what was missing at launch…a self-contained story mode.  The unfortunate part is that it’s over before you know it, that however doesn’t stop it from being a fun diversion from the main game.

I for one would welcome this as a spin-off the Rainbow Six series.

4.5 our of 5

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