The insanity of B The Beginning

Netflix has been steadily pushing new anime what seems like every week. But B The Beginning may be the only one that has captured my attention because of its combination of incredible animation and batshit crazy story telling.  It feels like the viewer is never truly in the know and just as soon as a revelation rears its head, B The Beginning dives deeper into the rabbit hole.  It feels sloppy, because honestly it is, but the lack of cohesiveness is all apart of its charm.


Keith Flick (2)
Looks unremarkable but isn’t. 


Even though the characters motivations all center around revenge, they are all varied and interesting.  Their appearances are striking, especially the villains, as they look like their apart of an 80′ hair band.  The protagonist, Keith Slick, who could literally be a background character in most anime, is incredibly captivating through his unique mannerisms and power of deduction.   He comes off as aloof, but is easily the sharpest character on the show.  B’s deuteragonist Koku is compelling, but not because of his personality, which is fairly generic, but because of his backstory.   While tragic, as most anime protagonist backstories tend to be, Koku’s is especially brutal and touches on themes that aren’t seen often in anime such as child exploitation and child experimentation.

Attacking mature subject matter amidst the insanity is where B honestly shines.  Unlike most anime that doesn’t want to push the envelope due to darker themes or motifs, B has no bones about making you uncomfortable with its adult subject matter.  There will be moments that will surprise you, especially later in the season, but it makes B that more watchable.   One disclaimer is that while the animation style is beautiful, this definitely isn’t for the squeamish because of the graphic depictions of violence.  This is also an area in which B plays no games in, people die and when they do, they tend to meet their end horribly.  It isn’t on the Berserk level of violence, but it can be pretty shocking.

(All credit to Netflix)

B the Beginning isn’t perfect, but it is fun.  Netflix has had a habit of pushing out a lot of misses when it comes to its anime library.  B luckily isn’t one of them, so hopefully a second season is on the horizon, because we all need a little crazy in our life.

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