Getting back to it!


It has been a journey…

Since I last wrote on this site, I separated from the Navy, met the love of my life, travelled the world a bit, bought a townhome (San Diego is expensive!) and then started graduate school.  The crazy thing is, even with all of that happening, I truly felt that what’s been missing…is this.  I enjoy writing, it’s therapeutic, it’s fun and if I can be honest, its a great way to escape.  There’s always something to talk about: games, movies, politics…not so much politics but you get the gist.  This time around, I will work to post content on this site and the first being the appeal of early access games as I recently upgraded my laptop and can now access my steam library (I have a lot of old games apparently).  It won’t be just gaming though, I’ll make sure to talk about a variety of topics and I’ll even give my insight on being married…again.

Here’s to the new being better than the old.




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