Welcome to the Site


Welcome all!

If you’re reading this, welcome to the site.  About two years ago, I had another site known as kendreviews.com.  I stopped writing there because I had to focus on finishing my degree and I was working full time.

So what changed?

A couple of months ago, a close friend of mine, Chris,  joked about creating our own website.  He wanted to start a new business venture that involved gaming, which would mean the creation of games, reviewing games, and possibly streaming.

Is your friend out his mind?

Possibly.  The man can be off kilter at times, but his enthusiasm for doing something different made me want to write again.

Will this site only focus on gaming?

While the emphasis is on games, I will open up about other topics such as life, movies, TV, and others.  Broad I know.

Doochy D is a weird name.

True, our up and coming site will be called DoochyC Gaming.  The C is for Chris, my nickname is Doochy. Which I never asked for it just kind of happened along my time in the Navy.

With all that being said.  This site will have new posts guaranteed weekly.  Thanks for stopping by.

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